Luminex® Assay 与High Performance分析检测均使用带有颜色编码的聚苯乙烯微球或超顺磁微球,这些微球表面包被了针对目标物的特异性抗体。当这些预包被的微球与待检样本预混孵育时,目标物被微球捕获后,被用生物素标记的特异性检测抗体混合物识别,加入链霉亲和素-PE荧光素底物后发光并进行检测。


  • ◇ 聚苯乙烯微球可用于:Luminex 100™,Luminex 200™,或Bio-Rad® Bio-Plex®双激光分析仪。
  • ◇ 磁性微球可用于:Luminex MAGPIX®,Luminex 100™,Luminex 200™,或Bio-Rad® Bio-Plex®分析仪。

Luminex 液相芯片和高性能液相芯片

R&D Systems提供Luminex Assay与 High Performance 2个系列的试剂盒,能够同时对多种复杂样本中的多个指标进行检测和定量。Luminex基于微球设计原理,能够针对每一个指标提供准确、可重复的检测结果,仅需少量样本,成本更低,成功实现短时间内获得比其他检测方法更多的数据。

Luminex Immunoglobulin Isotyping Assays

Luminex Immunoglobulin Isotyping Assays能够同时定量多至6种免疫球蛋白亚型。可以在细胞培养上清液、血清或血浆样品中根据kappa链、lambda链对免疫球蛋白亚型定量,以及总的定量。

  • 优化: All analytes are optimized and tested together for detection of their given analytes in a multiplex setting to ensure the best results possible.
  • 灵活: Measure only what you want! Select one or more of the analytes in a given panel.
  • 快速: Get more done with results as fast as 1.5 hours!
  • 两种珠子可供选择: Polystyrene or magnetic bead formats
  • 检测多样: Measure total immunoglobulin or investigate the kappa to lambda light chain ratio

Luminex® Immunoglobulin Isotyping Assays are validated for use with cell culture supernate, plasma, or serum. They are tested for sensitivity, intra-assay precision, inter-assay precision, and linearity of dilution for all validated sample types. Antibody pairs are tested to confirm that they detect natural samples and the standards provided in the kit equally. This testing is critical for the generation of reliable results as it ensures the accurate determination of target immunoglobulins within biological samples. Assays are also screened to confirm low cross-reactivity with other immunoglobulin isotypes within an assay.

  • Base Kits(基础试剂盒):Standard cocktails, Kappa light chain detection antibody, Lambda light chain detection antibody, Calibrator Diluent, wash buffer concentrate, streptavidin-PE, filter- or flat-bottomed microplate, mixing bottles, foil plate-sealers, and a standard value card.
  • BeadsAntibody-coated microparticles.
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Analyte Standard Curve(pg/mL) Cell Culture Supernates Serum Plasma
IgA 30,000 - 7,300,000 1:10 1:3,000 1:3,000
IgG1 4,440 - 1,080,000 1:10 1:3,000 1:3,000
IgG2A 11,000 - 2,680,000 1:10 1:3,000 1:3,000
IgG2B 20,400 - 4,962,000 1:10 1:3,000 1:3,000
IgG3 3,770 - 915,000 1:10 1:3,000 1:3,000
IgM 8,050 - 1,956,000 1:10 1:3,000 1:3,000
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