rhR-Spondin 1, CF (25 ug)-细胞因子-2D/3D培养-优宁维细胞/细胞培养平台
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Cristin 3; CRISTIN3; FLJ40906Roof plate-specific spondin-1; hRspo1; roof plate-specific spondin; RSPO; RSPO1; R-spondin homolog (Xenopus laevis); RSPONDIN; R-spondin1; R-spondin-1
Roof Plate-specific Spondin 1
Lyophilized from a 0.2 μm filtered solution in PBS with BSA as a carrier protein.
R&D Systems
R&D Systems personnel manually curate a database that contains references using R&D Systems products. The data collected includes not only links to publications in PubMed, but also provides information about sample types, species, and experimental conditions.

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<0.10 EU per 1 μg of the protein by the LAL method.
Measured by its ability to induce Topflash reporter activity in HEK293T human embryonic kidney cells. The ED50 for this effect is typically 1-4 ng/mL in the presence of 5 ng/mL Recombinant Mouse Wnt‑3a (Catalog # 1324-WN).
Reconstitute at 100 μg/mL in PBS containing at least 0.1% human or bovine serum albumin.

R-Spondin 1 (RSPO1, Roof plate-specific Spondin 1), also known as cysteine-rich and single thrombospondin domain containing protein 3 (Cristin 3), is a 27 kDa secreted protein that shares ~40% amino acid (aa) identity with three otherR-Spondin family members (1, 2). All R-Spondins regulate Wnt/ beta -catenin signaling, but have distinct expression patterns (1-3). Like other R-Spondins, R-Spondin 1 contains two adjacent cysteine-rich furin-like domains (aa 34-135) with one potential
N-glycosylation site, followed by a thrombospondin (TSP-1) motif (aa 147-207) and a region rich in basic residues (aa 211-263). Only the furin-like domains are needed for beta -catenin stabilization (2, 4). A putative nuclear localization signal at the C-terminus may allow some expression in the nucleus (5). Potential isoforms of 200 and 236 aa have an alternate, shorter N-terminus or are missingaa 146-208, respectively (6). Over aa 21-263, human R-Spondin 1 shares 89%, 87%, 92%, 91%, 91% and 89% aa identity with mouse, rat, equine, canine, caprine and bovine RSPO-1, respectively. R-Spondin 1 is expressed in early development at the roof plate boundary and is thought to contribute to dorsal neural tube development (3, 5). In humans, rare disruptions of the R-Spondin 1 gene are associated with tendencies for XX sex reversal (phenotypic male) or hermaphroditism, indicating a role for R-Spondin 1 in gender-specific differentiation (7, 8). Disruption is also associated with palmoplantar keratosis (7, 8). Postnatally,R-Spondin 1 is expressed by neuroendocrine cells in the intestine, adrenal gland and pancreas, and by epithelia in kidney and prostate (9). Injection of recombinant R-Spondin 1 in mice causes activation of beta -catenin and proliferation of intestinal crypt epithelial cells, and ameliorates experimental colitis (9, 10). R-Spondin 1 regulates Wnt/ beta -catenin by competing with the Wnt antagonist DKK-1 for binding to the Wnt co-receptors, Kremen and LRP-6, reducing their DKK-1-mediated internalization (11). Reports differ on whether R-Spondin 1 binds LRP-6 directly (11-13).

39 kDa, reducing conditions
Frost Free Freezer -20 degrees C
>90%, by SDS-PAGE visualized with Silver Staining and quantitative densitometry by Coomassie® Blue Staining.
What does CF mean?
CF stands for Carrier Free (CF). We typically add Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) as a carrier protein to our recombinant proteins. Adding a carrier protein enhances protein stability, increases shelf-life, and allows the recombinant protein to be stored at a more dilute concentration. The carrier free version does not contain BSA.

What formulation is right for me?
In general, we advise purchasing the recombinant protein with BSA for use in cell or tissue culture, or as an ELISA standard. In contrast, the carrier free protein is recommended for applications, in which the presence of BSA could interfere.

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1 µg/lane of Recombinant Human
R-Spondin 1 was resolved with SDS-PAGE and visualized by silver staining under reducing (R) conditions, showing a single band at 39 kDa.

Recombinant Human R-Spondin 1 (Catalog # 4645-RS), in the presence of Recombinant Mouse Wnt‑3a (Catalog # 1324-WN; 5 ng/mL), induces activation of beta-catenin in HEK293T cells measured using the Topflash assay (blue). The activity is approximately 7-fold greater than the competitor's R-Spondin 1 (red).

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