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HiLoad Superdex 200 pg preparative SEC columns Pre-packed columns: for prep-scale high-resolution size exclusion chromatography of mAbs for samples up to 13 mL. Designed for high-resolution protein fractionation at preparative scales. Pre-packed with Superdex 200 pg resin, these size exclusion chromatography columns enable purification of mAbs, DNA fragments and other biomolecules with Mr~ 10 000 to ~ 600 000. Preparative-grade: high purity and resolution Two column sizes available: for samples up to 5 mL and up to 13 mL Prepacked columns: convenient and reproducible; can be used with standalone pump or chromatography system Scalable SEC: resin properties and column dimensions optimized for preparative-scale protein purification; choose from two XK column sizes (16/600 or 26/600) Compatible with ÄKTA systems: fittings (1/16”) for direct connection to ÄKTA systems and other chromatography systems HiLoad Superdex 200 preparation grade resin is well suited for rapid, preparative protein purification and scale-up. Its selectivity curve gives a broad fractionation range from Mr ~ 10 000 to 600 000, with excellent resolving power for antibody monomers, dimers and contaminants of lower molecular weight, such as albumin and transferrin. High mechanical strength and hydrophilicity make this dextran-agarose composite resin suitable for larger scale applications that require high flow rates, minimal nonspecific interactions, and fast, effective cleaning-in-place (CIP) protocols. Successful use of Superdex 200 pg columns in research and process development Superdex 200 prep grade columns are an excellent choice for many applications, including: automated monoclonal antibody production separation of serum proteins purification of human papillomavirus 16 L2E7 fusion protein How to scale up column chromatography to process larger sample volumes When scaling up size exclusion chromatography columns in order to process larger sample volumes in a single step, consider the following steps: Optimize high-resolution separation at small scale. Maintain the sample-to-column volume ratio and the sample concentration. Increase the column volume by increasing the cross-sectional area (inner diameter) of the column. Maintain the bed height. Run the separation at the same linear flow rate as used on the smaller column. Maintain Increase Bed height Column diameter Linear flow rate Volumetric flow rate Sample composition Sample volume Other Cytiva size exclusion chromatography columns Cytiva offers a comprehensive range of resins and pre-packed columns for size exclusion chromatography (a.k.a. gel filtration chromatography). In addition to Superdex 200 pg columns for preparative scale fractionations, include resins and pre-packed columns for: desalting and buffer exchange analytical column chromatography small-scale purifications fractionation across varying molecular weight ranges
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