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Ni Sepharose High Performance histidine-tagged protein purification resin Ni Sepharose High Performance nickel-charged IMAC resin is for high-resolution his-tagged protein purification with high binding capacity for maximized recovery. High resolution – due to small bead size (average bead size is 34 µm). High binding capacity for high protein recovery – exceeds 40 mg histidine-tagged (his-tagged) protein/mL resin. Broad reagent compatibility – compatible with a wide range of reducing agents, detergents, denaturants, and other additives. Nickel resin for high recovery of histidine-tagged proteins Ni Sepharose High Performance (HP) affinity resin consists of highly cross-linked agarose beads to which a chelating group has been coupled. This chelating group is precharged with nickel, which selectively retains proteins with exposed histidine groups. This IMAC resin has a binding capacity that exceeds 40 mg/mL, resulting in high protein recovery. The small bead size contributes to a more efficient purification compared to nickel resins of larger bead size. Successful use in published research Applications of this affinity chromatography resin include: Purification of histidine-tagged proteins to study how transcription regulators oligomerize Isolation of recombinant HIV-1 protease from inclusion bodies in a tandem procedure with Q Sepharose Fast Flow Compatible empty columns Cytiva offers a variety of empty columns for packing your own columns. Ni Sepharose High Performance is compatible for use with empty HiScale, Tricorn, and XK columns. Convenient prepacked columns Ni Sepharose High Performance resin is available in the following prepacked formats: HisTrap HP column: HiTrap format (1 mL or 5 mL) for convenient use with a syringe, a peristaltic pump, or a chromatography system. His SpinTrap: Spin columns for screening of small sample quantities using a benchtop centrifuge. His MultiTrap HP: 96-well plate for high throughput screening and small scale purification using centrifuge or vacuum equipment. His Mag Sepharose Ni magnetic beads: designed for small-scale purification and screening. Other IMAC affinity chromatography resins and columns Cytiva's solutions include a variety of nickel-charged resins and other IMAC products. Options for high purity, high resolution, direct loading of cell culture supernatants, loading of unclarified E. coli lysates, and charging with your metal ion of choice are available.
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