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    Glutathione Sepharose High Performance GST-tagged protein purification resin Glutathione Sepharose High Performance is an affinity resin recommended for purifying glutathione S-transferase (GST)-tagged proteins when high resolution is the priority. Fast, one-step GST-tagged protein purification. The small bead size (34 µm) enables high-resolution purification of tagged proteins. Mild elution conditions preserve protein antigenicity and function. Resin for high-resolution purification of GST-tagged proteins Glutathione Sepharose High Performance is used to purify GST-tagged proteins from bacterial lysates. The proteins are eluted under mild, non-denaturing conditions using reduced glutathione, which preserves protein antigenicity and function. On-column cleavage of the GST tag The GST-tag can be cleaved with a protease while the protein is still bound to the affinity column. It eliminates the extra step of separating the released protein from the GST-tag. Properties of Glutathione Sepharose High Performance resin The glutathione ligand is coupled via a 10-carbon linker to highly cross-linked 6% agarose, 34 µm beads. These features help to optimize purification that yields sharp peaks with concentrated proteins. Successful use in published research Research and applications using this GST resin include: Purification of p47phox variants to study a conformational mechanism that underlies the protein’s activation Purification of tagged proteins to evaluate the interaction between cellular RNA helicases and an antiviral protein Compatible empty columns Cytiva's solutions include a variety of empty columns, Glutathione Sepharose High Performance resin is compatible with Tricorn, HiScale, and XK column lines. Use Cytiva's empty column selector to find the right column for your needs. Convenient prepacked columns Glutathione Sepharose High Performance (HP) is also available in 1 mL and 5 mL HiTrap columns (GSTrap) for convenient purification using a syringe, peristaltic pump, or chromatography system. Other Cytiva products for GST-tagged protein purification In addition to this resin for high-resolution purification, Cytiva offers resin and column options for purification when scalability or high binding capacity is needed. Let Cytiva help you find the right product for your recombinant protein purification needs.
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